Dynamic Family Involvement

Finally! A proven system of creating family involvement!

If you are like me, you know the importance of family involvement.

Yet, with the new pressures and accountability in academic performance – who has the time?

I can give you a specific, concrete method of involving families.

Just imagine!

What if you had a go-to guide for how to strategically involve parents and families?

This workshop is
a step-by-step guide
to family involvement!

I have spent years refining and adjusting how I include families in the educational process. I have had pitfalls and made mistakes. In this workshop – I am going to save you years of work. These are strategies and tips from the trenches.

My approach takes the jewels from my Waldorf training, my Head Start experience and work with both poverty and wealth. I have worked with families that were homeless, had felonies and drug addictions — and families that were CIA Spies, Doctors and Professors.

Dynamic Family Involvement was created to save you time and give you deep and rewarding relationships with families.

This course is for you if:

  • You are ready to get the tools and examples of how to implement a powerful family involvement structure!

  • You want to raise your confidence with dealing with parents and families.

  • You want to strengthen your families involvement with the learning process.

  • You want to expand your toolbox of strategies and know how.

This workshop will
teach you:

Module 1: What Families Need

The Three Crucial Needs of Every Family
What the Research Says
Understand the Cautious Stage
The Essential Mindsets of Teachers
My Secret Weapon for remembering family details you don’t want to miss!


Module 2: How to Power Start Your Year

My Proven Step by Step System for working with Families
Family Pyramid of Connection
Setting the Tone for the Year
How I create a climate of trust and safety with families
Anatomy of an Effective Parent Night
BONUS: My Personal Blueprint to Meet the Teacher & Back to School Night

Module 3: The Secret to Rocking Your Communication with Families

My 5-point Communication System for keeping Parent in the loop
How to set up a year long communication system that creates consistency and reliability
Newsletters that Work
Feedback Tools

BONUS: I am going to share my personal communication documents!

Module 4: Partnerships in Learning

My top seven strategies to creating family partnerships
Family Nights
Matters of the Heart
Family Meetings

Module 5: The Magic of Family Volunteers

My system for preparing my volunteers
The most powerful and least invasive way to use volunteers
How to involve working parents

BONUS: My Volunteer packets!

Module 6: Ending Your Year on a High Note

My top four strategies for ending the year on a powerful note with parents.
How to wrap up a year of learning: Family Survey
My top activities and events that are a home run year after year!
Farewell Week
Final Event
Goodby Gifts
BONUS: Critical last documents I share with parents.

Dynamic Family Involvement was created to save you time and give you deep and rewarding relationships with families.

  • SIX Jam-packed modules
  • Done-for-you Documents
  • examples to download
  • My Family Handouts
  • The Complete SET OF SLIDES
    Lifetime AcCESS!

What others are saying:

“I am so sorry you cannot hear me, because I am clapping, clapping, clapping! This has been a great workshop! I think getting families involved is a teacher’s first priority and you have given so many ideas to how to it in a fun way. Even after 31 years in education – I learned new things and ways to implement. Thank you thank you!” Carmen S.

"Thanks so much for this amazing way to learn! I am truly enjoying taking in your experience and learning from it." - Syliva

"This class has been full of ideas that I will put into practice. Thank you for compiling it all together!" - Jennifer

"I feel like I am more prepared for this year than any others! I have my monthly newsletters ready to go and formatted. Will just need to type in current info, but the themes and general outline are all finished. Yesterday I worked on my handbook and feel it is finished. I love the ideas of family projects and the hands on homework! Can’t wait to see the hands on homework workshop! Thanks for a great course!" - Shelley