Feeling overwhelmed by Data?
Practically catatonic from standardized tests?
D.O.N.E. with Rigor?
relief is at hand



READY to take your teaching to the next level but not sure where to start?

Storytelling is my magic formula.

We are made of stories.

There is a deep human need for story.

This is teaching magic.

Here are some questions you may have about bringing story into your classroom:

How do I bring storytelling into a packed schedule?
What academic benefits are there to the dramatic arts?
Can I do this without spending money?
What if I am uncomfortable with puppets and plays?

The Wonder of Story will guide you through all of these questions.


This 6-module course walks you through how to infuse your classroom with storytelling.  You'll learn how to:

~ learn a story by heart fast!
~ guide a class play the
easy way!
~ use puppets without feeling hokey or weird
~teach children how to make puppets
~create costumes from paper
~ and so much more!


Your students are secretly longing
for more stories!

Take advantage of the lowest price this year - make that EVER - on this enchanging and impactful course!

*This course was originally called "The Best Kept Secrets of the Dramatic Arts."

  • Sit back and relax in the comfort of your home as you dive into this extensive course with six modules and over 12 videos of content!!!

  • Refer back to the nuggets of wisdom you will learn in this course in the massive PDF download of all of the presentations. Yours to keep forever!

  • Watch real studnets in action and see how simple it really is!

  • Simplify putting these methods into action with my personal chart - downloadable and ready to put into action!

  • Have at your finger tips - resource guides filled with ideas for paper costumes, puppets, and more!

Capture the power of story!

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Why should I care?
Just Take a peek at what you will have
in your teaching tool kit:


How to Harness the Innate Capacity of Children
~Learn why the dramatic arts (story) are so powerful
~Discover the developmental stages of the dramatic arts (retelling)
~Learn my personal POWERHOUSE foundation in my classroom - the driving system of my classroom



Finding Your Inner Storyteller:
~How to learn a story so you can tell it from the heart
~How to connect to that place within your own imagination that will give life to the words you speak
~The single most important element for storytelling
~How to bring wonder to a story

~Learn the ESSENTIAL Drama (story) vocabulary



My Secrets to Class Plays
~Learn how to put on your own simple class plays
~The best and easiest stories to use
~How to teach the parts (the cheater's method)
~How to make your own props and staging (easy peasy style)


Puppetry 101

~Learn all the basics to puppetry
~Learn how to use a puppet with ease & not feel hokey!

~Discover the wonder of Table Puppets - super simple & powerful


Puppetry for Children

~How to support children in creating their own puppets and puppet plays
~My top five puppets for children to make
W~here to use these five puppets
~And how to guide children in making them



The Magic

~ Learn how the Dramatic Arts are a powerhouse in the classroom
~ Discover the magic of "Story Dramas" as student driven method
~I will share the two important modalitites of stories in oral language development
~Witness practical applications in the classroom



Video #1: The Power of Fairy Tales
Video #2:  The Replaceable Gift of Oral Storytelling
Video #3:  Essential Tips for Oral Storytelling
Video #4: Inner Meaning of the Three Bears

*This course was originally called "The Best Kept Secrets of the Dramatic Arts."

Ready to bring PURE JOY?

Stories infuse the classroom with pure joy!  
It is a soul satisfying experience in the middle of a
high stakes testing era.

Inspire your teaching!!

This course is the perfect start to a new year! 

  • Six Packed Modules
  • Four BONUS Training Videos
  • PDF Download of all presentation slides
  • PDF download of my special charts
  • My Paper Costume Resource guide
  • My puppet Resource Guide  AND MORE!!!


Questions & ANSWERS

I have never participated in an e-course before. Will I have to be on-line at a certain time or will there be flexibility?

This is such a great question.  The coolest thing about an e-course is the flexibility to take the course on your own time and pace.  You do not have to be online at a certain time.   While the modules will be posted by noon on their release dates – you can pop in and view them when it works for you.  AND you will have lifetime access to the course materials.

Will you give a certificate of completion when finished?

I have a simple certificate process.  I require that you post a response on each module.  I will give a 15-hour certificate for this course when you have met this simple requirement.

Rave Reviews. . .

"When you said you were going to, I don't remember exactly your words, analyze the story for curriculum, momentary disbelief flitted through my mine- Oh yeh right. Well, let's see how you did - numbers, measurement, opposites, phonological awareness, social studies, social -emotional- not bad! " ! AnneMarie

"I loved every minute of this, you gave me so many ideas! I feel my students school year will be so much richer and as you pointed out in this module since language skills (which is a high priority in my school)are acquired thru this process my students development will be enriched. Thank you and be blessed! " ~ Adriana

"I am so inspired I am playing with the idea of creating a proposal to take to our school board for expansion of the dramatic arts in our district!

Secondly, I have more than enough ideas and resources to carry me through years of teaching, and I couldn’t be more excited to make it a regular part of our schedule every week."  ~ Nina

REfresh your teaching . . .

The Wonder of Story

My Best Kept Secrets


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